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The mighty STIHL collection with grimey cold starts!

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big fan of stihl products so i got a few to show ya
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rock of ages xxx (6 months ago)
Stihl is my favorite but I like all small engines, there a lot of fun for work or play.
Leo Ramirez (8 months ago)
The small arborist saw sounds powerful
Jacob Ditmer (1 year ago)
Bill you should get a Stihl sh86c blower. Really good blower by the way.
Jacob Ditmer (1 year ago)
Bill has a lot of stihl products
J.S Plant Hire (2 years ago)
Love the collection especially the 015 it seems most people like more smaller vintage chainsaws than the bigger ones. Do you have still 026 chainsaw
Greg Snider (2 years ago)
love the little 015L Just got 2 to work on and got one running fun little saw to cut with.
Rilee lang (2 years ago)
Can you update your stihl collection
Gregs Mowing (2 years ago)
Seems the older stuff starts better than the new stuff. Lol
Andy's Shop (3 years ago)
why on each one are the trimmer handles, control areas (throttle trigger and on off switch) and engine all rotated differently?
Charles Jones (2 years ago)
Thats the way he turns them for his preference.
Wyatt Marshall (3 years ago)
hey bill they have a shop vac
In americathose those are.called bg 55ce or bg 56
Michael Mac Tavish (3 years ago)
+Ethan And Tyler's toy channel yeah i have a stihl bg55 and a km130R with the sweeper brush attachment,weed wacking attachment and a chainsaw attachment that you can run bar sizes from 10'', 12'',14'',16'',18'' and a 20'' bar sizes if you wanted wich i have a 16 on my attachment chain saw works great and got a brush cutter attachment too with 3 blades now its 2 years old never let me down plus i use my km130r with the brush sweeper and BG55 for snow removal wich love it :)
sinisterscopez1 (4 years ago)
Hey Bill do u think u could do an updated collection of all ur sthil tools
brian young (5 years ago)
bill if you ever want to get rid of that 041 just let me know I love those saws. I have a 041 av also . mines been modified turns a few more rpms and cuts great.
Cameron ******** (3 years ago)
I have two 041's for sale. Where are you located?
Joe Smith (5 years ago)
Some mighty fine throw starting there ??
Evest Makk (5 years ago)
Hi, drive shaft has popped out of end of machine.BF-KM  PL Reason;  Nylon sleeve has worn and drive shaft has popped through it and out of drive tube assembly. problem: I cannot see how new nylon sleeve fits on end of drive shaft without something unscrewing or pulling off drive shaft.  Can anyone help??  Thanks 
Evest Makk (5 years ago)
I have solved. The nobble bit holding on the plastic sleeve is secured to the drive shaft with a spline. All that is needed is to knock it off the shaft using a hammer.  What a spline!
Daniel Schwartzhoff (5 years ago)
Stijl is the only way to go for small engines
MA moto (5 years ago)
Not to brag i am 17 and i own over 4000$ my own cash
spoddog1 (5 years ago)
I have a stihl collection. last count I had 2 saws, a hat and a decal. im considering getting another decal soon.
brandon hersey (6 years ago)
STIHL is the way to go
WillsLawnService (6 years ago)
im surprised you dont have a BR600 Magnum...lol
Bayport78 (6 years ago)
laughed my ass off when I saw the Grave Yard
shaleh mohasin (6 years ago)
Can you make another update on your stihl collection
DrPeter Venkman (6 years ago)
Stihl rawks.. plz on ur entry vid with the grinder, replace it with one showing you wearing safety glasses, I'm sure you understand fully of the importance of conveying it to the viewers. Good vid, shows the realibilty of these awesome Stihl products.. when it comes to this kind of power equipment.. go big, go Stihl, or go home!
lemer75 (6 years ago)
The 014l sounds like a monster truck
cameron bonsall (6 years ago)
I use a km100r for work and it broke cuz I kept full throttle on for 1 min costly things to go wrong those 4-mix are
fisherman0707 (6 years ago)
I thought you were Canadian eh. What part of the Maritimes are you from, eh? I'm from Halberta myself. Your winter looks like our summer.
highcountrytimber (6 years ago)
At least it is one stop shopping for Stihl and John Deere :)
Response166 (6 years ago)
Nice collection.
Jack Carey (7 years ago)
Who is Pugs?
Jack Carey (7 years ago)
Nice collection. Check my stihls :D
Dawn Demers (7 years ago)
prolandscaper228 (7 years ago)
i think u need a BR600 lol
boardingpass04 (7 years ago)
@billstmaxx im canadian to but you rip off his sayings alot i stiill like your vids but pugs already done it sorry to say but its true like its bills tmax on the youtube tv! thats a pug thing or billstmaxx everyone thats a pug and bam thing your always making faces like pug like who are you trying to kid you try way to hard to sound like pug but just dont pull it off id just act like yourself cause your vidoes would be more enterttaining dont get me wrong you still make a good video
Sean Healy (7 years ago)
i have the same system i have the km 90r with the hedge trimmer, cultivator, extender, and the weed trimmer attachment and i have the same small hedge trimmer 2
Jack Hunter (7 years ago)
Stihl is good but I find it to be overpriced . You can get just as good of quality and better price out of many other brands.
KrzychOlsztyn (7 years ago)
@boardingpass04 He takes care about cementary as You can see. He's the only one who making grimey cold starts just near cementary YEA!!! Friggin rights! I love Bills grimey cold start videos! Nice STIHL collection! good stuff
Kirowfilms (7 years ago)
stihl rocks!
James Eggerth (7 years ago)
Great video Bill, nice STIHL collection thanks for sharing. Thumbs Up !!
BILLSTMAXX (7 years ago)
@polojize station identification you know it's a real pain in the ass to render in the editor you know!!
sc0tte1 (7 years ago)
@billstmaxx chuck norris doesn't need a chainsaw, he rips trees apart with his bare hands
arnold jr (7 years ago)
i like the back hoe vids an tractor vids personally but i like when you do the maintenance stuff to like when you did the sand blaster maintenance it was cool to
KrzychOlsztyn (7 years ago)
I love cold starts :) YEA!!
Ricky Aujla (7 years ago)
@sc0tte1 fuck i hAT iT
pope350 (7 years ago)
@fordf150839 fuck ya fordf150839
Ricky Aujla (7 years ago)
@billstmaxx fuck ya billstmaxx
I Don't Polojize (7 years ago)
Good to see you but A water mark on your vids now Bill ffs
BILLSTMAXX (7 years ago)
@boarderfreak21 it gets paid from the ground maintenance budget money
BILLSTMAXX (7 years ago)
@boardingpass04 watch my other past videos and you'll see. and i don't talk like him.. im canadian eh
boarderfreak21 (7 years ago)
@ billstmaxx when you buy things for the cemetary like chainsaws, weed eaters etc or tractor related items is that all out of your pocket or does the cemertary owners pay it all? if so do they give you like a yearly budget to work with? just curious thats all
boardingpass04 (7 years ago)
what do you do for a living bill? besides try and talk like pug?
435now (7 years ago)
I've got a KM 90 myself and I can't say enough good things about it. I have the fixed hedge trimmer attachment for it rather than the one you have, nothing better for doing bushes and hedges. I need to look into that tiller though, the one I have came off a ryobi and doesn't do as good of a job as the one I demoed at my dealer
BILLSTMAXX (7 years ago)
@sc0tte1 but a chuk norrris is a hunter
MuggyB (7 years ago)
Nice saws haters gonna hate
sc0tte1 (7 years ago)
How many time do I have to see chuck norris ffs??
BILLSTMAXX (7 years ago)
@chevy78p what is yer preference?
mrdee660 (7 years ago)
the old stihls sound alot better than the new ones, but you cant beat a stihl
john mink (7 years ago)
@chevy78p STIHL is like john deere of chainsaws you would know this if you ever had used one ya goof beg yer pard great vid bill
BILLSTMAXX (7 years ago)
@chevy78p how come they suck?
ooonurse33 (7 years ago)
shh, you'll wake the dead....;)
Dave O'Brien (7 years ago)
awesome bill says the word the right way most say steel lol
MA moto (7 years ago)
they make a power syclicle for the km130r
BILLSTMAXX (7 years ago)
@ailll1 lol station identification lol
ARednecksLife (7 years ago)
Like all your new intros, bud
MA moto (7 years ago)
i have the km130r to
ailll1 (7 years ago)
Nice Billstmaxx TV thingy in the bottom corner!
DIECASTCOLLECT97 (7 years ago)
nice collection
Boot 185 (7 years ago)
stihl is the best
EricTehRedneck (7 years ago)
@Bonfield2002 you can use sand in it just make sure there is no silica in it. that crap will get in your lungs and kill ya. the finer the better, the nozzle wont clog as much. I prefer the crushed glass as well.
tgardone (7 years ago)
Nice collection Billy!
BILLSTMAXX (7 years ago)
@Bonfield2002 i use the crushed glass from princess auto. but it's very dusty and you need a vac system to suck it up
reelman243 (7 years ago)
saftey glasses Bill, we cant have you going blind on us!
MartysMotorizedMayhem (7 years ago)
Nice STIHL collection.
STEVE ROB REVIEWS (7 years ago)
hey bill i was wondering if you use sand in your blasting cabinet. After seeing yours in action I had to pick one up. It has warnings all over it not to use sand or silica sand,seems odd a sand blaster not using sand. Wht do you use?
Mirin Bruh (7 years ago)
Hey Yeah! A new Billystmaxx Vid!

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