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Dollar Tree Shopping Secrets You Should Know

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Today I'm sharing my BEST shopping tips and secrets for the Dollar Tree. If you shop at the Dollar Tree you'll want to know these Dollar Tree Hacks for saving even more money. So, come shopping with me at the Dollar Tree, and let's see what we can find and find out what you should buy at the Dollar Tree! 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 Get a $5 sign-up bonus when you spend your first $25 using TopCashback when you use this link: https://bit.ly/2S2NNL2 This offer will expire November 22nd. 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 See my Dollar Tree DIYs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz_e52ZSvypY7pTrQ8NGq2Rxd2FAw0IyU 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 Where else to find But First, Coffee and the creator, Kallie Branciforte: My Blog: www.butfirstcoffeeblog.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/kallie_e instagram: www.instagram.com/kallie_branciforte 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 Disclaimer: This video was sponsored by TopCashback 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 Hi I'm Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee! I'm glad you found my video! I'm the content creator for the blog and YouTube channel But First, Coffee. Here you'll find videos on topics like best drugstore makeup, DIY, beauty tutorials, life hacks, and everything else a well-caffeinated woman needs to know! IF IT SAVES YOU TIME OR SAVES YOU MONEY...I'M MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT IT! If you wanna know some more, check out my about page: http://www.butfirstcoffeeblog.com/about 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》 》
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Text Comments (674)
space boat (2 days ago)
You left out the most important tip: all of the dollar tree cameras are fake so it’s very easy to steal from :)
Trix 1975 (3 days ago)
Wife said good hints. 😊
Cayce Stamps (3 days ago)
She calls it the dollar tree
Cody was here. (6 days ago)
666 dislike
Shamarri Singleton (6 days ago)
jimmyfly (8 days ago)
The first thing to know is most items in dollar tree are NOT a bargain.
ShannonNS 2018 (8 days ago)
I knew All of this already. PLUS, if you buy an item and do not like it, YOU CAN EXCHANGE IT FOR ANOTHER ITEM...as long as you bring your receipt. You were only right about them not giving cash back. I feel like EVERYONE knows everything you said. Also, who cares what people think about you having a camera in your face while you talk??!!!
Debt Free Millennials (8 days ago)
I didn't realize that Dollar Tree accepted manufacturer coupons or that all sales were final. Good to know! I used to stock up on nonperishable food items here as well. Thanks for the tips, Kallie!
lou bock (9 days ago)
Thank you, wonderful tips! Congrats on your baby! :)
Ange 360 (10 days ago)
You're at a Dollar Tree, and you want to use coupons? I don't know where to begin. You appear high class, I'm lost.
Robin Mikels (16 days ago)
Love your hacks, thanks!
Beauty by Jenna (16 days ago)
As a dollar tree employee, I hate customers like her lol
Paige Pappas Bednarsky (17 days ago)
Hi, I just subscribed. I like your tips! Thank you!
Julie Flores (17 days ago)
My boyfriend almost bought a $30 wreath from Target and I promised him I could make a gorgeous one for under $10 thanks to your tips! It looks lovely! Thank you! 🙌🏽
R G (17 days ago)
Thanks for making this video 👍 👍.
lon galloway (19 days ago)
haha. I thought I was dollar tree expert too but was surprised to know I am rookie comparatively
Gary Shields (20 days ago)
There are super brand names on some items like Russell Stouffer's candy. Caramel/spearmint/coconut candy bags for $1.00 are typically $2.00+ everywhere else. The planters for example, are good values & usually $3.00 elsewhere.
BEAUTY IN THE KNOW (25 days ago)
Great video on Top Cash Back
Daisy Falcon (27 days ago)
I Live In CT Too i always go to the dollar tree on the berlin turnpike but the one in plainville is my favorite!!!
Wali Yahya (28 days ago)
What a stupid video lol
Alcott Chino (29 days ago)
Omg people usually annoy me but you’re not. Subscribed!!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 congrats on your baby.
I shop at the Dollar Tree quite often and find really good deals on certain things every now and then for example 13 ounce pink Himalayan salt in a grinder that would be easily 10 bucks or more at Walmart so I by everyone they have because stuff like that you don't find all the time.
Rob F (29 days ago)
It's NOT Bu-un, it is BUTTON. Grow up sweetheart you're not 14.
John&Jen Hutchinson (1 month ago)
Love this video- the wreath is stunning
Jonathan S (1 month ago)
I like the Nike killshot 2’s.
wmfivethree (1 month ago)
This reminds me of a few years ago when I lived in a bad neighborhood and overheard a john arguing with a crack whore because he wanted credit
wmfivethree (1 month ago)
If you're so broke you have to game a place where everything's a dollar, why continue to live?
wmfivethree (1 month ago)
Fine for paper goods, garbage bags, candy....you don't want the food.
VicckyElizabeth (1 month ago)
Manufacturers coupons online dollar tree online are the BEST tips for me! THANK YOU!! I had NO idea!! 🤯
Crazy Scarz (1 month ago)
Not to be mean... but I am a dollar tree employee here is the back tips... the policy is old and they haven't changed it yet sorry... if we scan the coupon and it doesn't work we are NOT allowed to manually enter the coupon because we will get a write up... also we cant give store credit anymore and if an employee or manager does give you store credit they will get a write up or worse termination... this is important for yall to know... sorry guys but I wont risk my job... I really need it...
niacal4nia (1 month ago)
There's this homeless guy in front of our Dollar tree store who says he's $1.53 short to buy a bus ticket. lol
Brittany November (1 month ago)
dang, that dollar tree is a mess. :/
Brenda Bodwin (1 month ago)
114 miles to my nearest Dollar tree, and that city has 3. I goto all 3 and fill my vehicle if I'm actually driving that far. I also goto Michael's & Ho by Lobby when I'm there. Yeppers... Gotta make it worth the drive. Thanks for the cash back tip. 😀
Demetrius Porter (1 month ago)
Nice video informative you're a smart shopper and creative
Ultra Violet (1 month ago)
I drink hot cocoa extremely sparse because I know when I do I use like 3 packets..you know to really get the hot Chocolate taste, NOT hot diluted chocolate 😁😊.
Felix Markus (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure this is illegal, because you have to declare sponsored content before it's there.
Elisa Arias (1 month ago)
Love the basket you made....
#lovethedollartree great videos
Digital Explosion (1 month ago)
5:11 you can use milk instead of water. Makes it taste better
Shayne Persad (1 month ago)
The real important secret is that Jason Voorhees likes to get knives at Dollar Tree.
Kim Johnson (1 month ago)
I love how you say ‘Dollar Tree’ !
john epperson (1 month ago)
Excellent tips !!! Thank You!!!! I had no idea you could buy Dollar Store items online.
M. Kenaga Ivy Tech CC (1 month ago)
I use coupons at Dollar Tree and get huge deals.
shiabaybay (1 month ago)
I didn't think that they would take coupons. Now I know!!!
Malakiyah Amari (1 month ago)
I don't mean to be rude but wow I can't get over just how very pretty you are though.
Orene Sweeting (1 month ago)
Bob Watson (1 month ago)
It's the best place to shop when you're trying to stretch your dollars.. especially the paper products, cup's plastic spoons n forks napkins, etc for picnics.and cookouts..
Shane34 (1 month ago)
anyone who bookmarks a stores coupon policy is a fucking sociopath
Tialin .:. (1 month ago)
I shop only once or twice a month so I get everything. If I have a load of stuff at Dollar Tree or Walmart & there are a couple of people behind me with just a few items, I let them go ahead while I’m unloading the cart. Or even after. Makes everyone so happy and cuts down on the lines a lot. Be nice and smile at people! Compliment their hair or outfit, even shoes. I once complimented a guy in line at the post office on his obviously brand new sneakers. You’d have thought I handed him a $20 bill! Everyone appreciates a kind word. Everyone.
I gave up couponing at Dollar Tree. It was such a headache and the cashiers/managers were almost always rude about it.
Seven is Enough (1 month ago)
Good stuff!
Catherine Shaw (1 month ago)
Great Video
April Herrera (1 month ago)
Thank you for sharing the topcashback.com site. Dollar Tree is my favorite store.
Nicole A (1 month ago)
I love paying a dollar for bread that i would normally pay over 4. Bread freezes wonderfully. But do NOT buy the "parmesean"....inedible.
PandaMomma ! (1 month ago)
Signing up now Just noticed your name We have a silk screen transfer that matches! Chalkcouture.com/CreativeEye
Hi I am so glad I absolutely love dollar tree and buy a lot of progress from there secondly I had no idea that you could buy things online so thank you for that. I am in subscribing to your channel and look forward to following you. I will not need to take a look at my channel and let me know what you think if you like what you see please subscribe again thanks for sharing and giving valuable information
Lilly VonShtup (1 month ago)
I hate " Swiss piss" too
Joycelyn Kerecz (1 month ago)
Thank you..dyi. please. Can't wait.
Noelene Harrison (1 month ago)
Great info, and thanks for the info on TopCashBack.com; I wasn't aware of this website at all. I did know you could buy from $ Tree online for bulk, but only because I found a catalog randomly. I just found your video and blog so I'm brand new and look forward to learning more from you!
constable (1 month ago)
Click bait. Secrets? Totally useless video. Nothing people don't already know. And it's sponsored? Wow that's .04 cents on the dollar. I'll be sure to give up my personal information for that deal.
randomgirl7 (1 month ago)
Topcashback is awesome ! Thanks for sharing the site. :)
Sarah Elizabeth (1 month ago)
I've worked at DT, they don't do returns, only exchanges. No returns, PERIOD were done at my store and that was engraved into my mind, too. It didn't matter, if you didn't want it you had to do an exchange only, with the receiept.
Exotic Loud (1 month ago)
Dallor tree lol
Deborah Davis (1 month ago)
The number one tip for me was: Dollar Tree is online!!! Thank you!
John Iii (1 month ago)
Those places are nasty
Linda Muzychka (1 month ago)
I can't do this she's taken all the fun out of going in the damn store and she's more concerned about getting money back what a cheapskate.
Jim Davis (1 month ago)
Ok where is the Coffee. Lol
Tigerz (1 month ago)
Thanks to your tip on store policy on your phone, got me kicked out of dollar tree, as the manager said I created it myself to get more discounts. Now I have to file a complaint with corporate.
Sheri JK (1 month ago)
whooshing sound is annoying
Meagan Boucher (1 month ago)
Thanks for this video ;)
Michael Finley Sr. (1 month ago)
I Can Pretty Much Find What I Need At Dollar Tree For Lower Cost Canned And Condiments Than Regular Grocery Stores. I Have Been Wanting To Also Film Several Videos About Shopping At Dollar Tree. Do You Need Permission From The Store Manager? Or Can I Go Ahead And Just Start Recording What I Want To Purchase At Dollar Tree? I Didn't Know About Em Accepting Manufacturers Coupons Or Their Website I Found Your Video Here On YouTube Very Helpful And Informative... Ty.
Pollyanna Light (1 month ago)
This is a sponsored video for topcash back
MrAac2020 (1 month ago)
Somebody is really going to be busy, busy, busy real soon. 😉 Boy or Girl? Yea! Congrats Oh, and the other word...besides busy...SLEEPY 😫😭😥 Make sure you have someone there for at least the first week or two... You're going to need it.
Kirby Rose (1 month ago)
You can make returns to the dollar tree - they do even exchanges. I think they might do store credit as well. And I think you need the receipt but you can definitely return.
Kristinapedia (1 month ago)
When I go to dollar tree website I have to buy cases of everything. I can’t buy just 1. So say, plates. I have to buy a case of 24. There’s no way to change it. How are you buying quantities less than a case?
Misty Halstead (1 month ago)
Brittany Cole (1 month ago)
Wow... Did not know about online site
SuzyQue (1 month ago)
Our dollar tree doesn’t accept coupons. They will exchange but no refunds, even if u find the item is broke. I tried to use Ibotta but the app would only accept full size items and my store doesn’t carry full size items of groceries.
Alex Adams (1 month ago)
These were not secrets I don’t think this girl knows what the meaning of secrets mean
Angela George (1 month ago)
I had no idea about DT online, Thank you!!! DT is always my first stop to shop every week!Also, a DYI idea for crafty people: the round rubber plate mats or the colorful woven ones can be used to make pompom rugs. If you want a larger area just sew multiple mats together!! 😁😁
OleensEmbroidery (1 month ago)
good video
Christina Garcia (1 month ago)
Use milk in the hot Chocolate 👍🏼
PlusSize Boo (1 month ago)
I bought a yellow sticker long sleeve gym zip up (12.99) for $1.50 . So unexpected and I was so happy. Went back the next day and there was none left.
salsamink (1 month ago)
Thanks didnt know u can shop online
John Jay (1 month ago)
I was enjoying the video Until the guy came in and started mumbling about hot chocolate LOL 😂 I couldn't understand a word he said!
Sharon Mynes (1 month ago)
As someone who has worked in retail.....I would never accept someone who shows me "policy" on their phone I'd call the manager over.
WHOA, Dollar Tree in Canada needs to up their game. They basically only have candy food wise.
alter BOY (1 month ago)
Okay Dollar Tree is my favorite store my favorite item and Dollar Tree is the one pound gummy bears bag or gummy worms you know every single Dollar Tree they always have like a pound of gummies well unfortunately I went to my local one and there was no one pound gummy bears or gummy worms. So Dollar Tree if you are listening always the one pound gummies. And I say why while I was in between home and I didn't have much to eat I remember buying like one pound Cummings because it would fill me up and not just me but a lot of people that are out there on the streets actually buy that one pound of gummies so thank you but don't ever remove them
sitntrot (1 month ago)
I will never buy food from a Dollar Tree after finding an expiration sticker placed over a previous sticker with an expired date.
C. Ann (1 month ago)
I'm SURE she doesnt think that you're crazy for just standing there doing nothing for an extended period of time.😉
Austin Klein (1 month ago)
The return rule is you can EXCHANGE ONLY. Its on the bottom of the receipt. If it's a seasonal item it can be Exchanged as long as that season is NOT over. After the holiday it can not be Exchanged. There is NO store credit or cards or cash for returns.
You are My sunshine (1 month ago)
New subscriber here cool video great tips thanks
Cheryl DiManno (1 month ago)
I drive by this store every day and never go in. I am planning on using all your recommendations for shopping here . This has been very helpful thank you.🌷
KJ Gulyban (1 month ago)
That hot coco is good you just have to spice it up yourself
cakenurse (1 month ago)
Yeah, your Dollar Tree looks like Walmart ❤ lucky
Debra Lavoie (1 month ago)
Excellent hints!
Paul Trekker62 (1 month ago)
Dollar Tree online!
Raymond Lu (1 month ago)
2:35 I Thought She Was Holding A Sword XD
toBpositive (1 month ago)
These are great tips! Thank you for sharing :)
Anjuli Thomas (1 month ago)
You can't return an item for cash at dollar tree but if you have the receipt with the item listed; you can exchange it for anything in the dollar tree store.
Ana Parada (1 month ago)
Greetings from The great stste of Texas what an ugly cheap woman she is a fool and sreses HORRIBLY no class

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