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Thursday Talk

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george mehlmauer (2 months ago)
Nice beard....sounds like you breathed in chems on one of your tours, sounds like me on a good day.
Gray Staley (4 months ago)
.224 of 1"/5.56mm bullet dia
Gray Staley (4 months ago)
SS-109 rd... designed to defeat body armor. 😉
Bkat 2d11 (1 year ago)
To be transparent by you did get your start back there in Whidbey Island when you met me on the radio with the conduit called the intelligence community so just in case anybody is watching this and says all this guy's flipped out no Bryan Suits you talk to me over the radio specifically to play stupid because you thought you were on the intelligence side it's okay bro now we know the veil has been on lifted...... I guess that's a cab yet call the disclaimer just so everybody knows the Baseline of our connection on the Silicon bit because we've never met personally however I do realize you have intervened in my personal at once too many times Mister
Bkat 2d11 (1 year ago)
Hey Brian looks like been working out you're looking pretty good their head down your head though I don't know hey bro you don't like my criticism I'm sorry bud I just don't like you ragging on people because you and your whole f****** existence is been paid by taxpayers whether you freaking hold a gun or not that's what pissed me off about military people you know my dad was a military guy I was a military guy my brother was a military guy my sister was military guy the rest of the family went into the civilian Workforce and I see it every time we have dinner all the people that work for the government talk s*** about the civilian people and also giving people talk s*** about the government people and when it comes down to it the government people are just mooches. Whether you're the military or not that's going to piss off a lot of military people but think about it just before you signed up you didn't have a job you didn't have a skill you didn't know s*** you were poor so why you treat people that are poor like s*** when you were up or f*** oh was that over-the-top Brian have that special URL opening for me for my IP address have a good Easter bro I'll hit it I'll wait at the black and white later but you know what I'm talking about homie I don't give a f*** who you guys are you guys talk s*** about homeless people and people that are down now that's f***** up I don't give a f*** who you are and he said every f****** time with a little Glee your f***** up dude though personally on the YouTube you got my number you can talk s*** about me and tell me what or, look for me hell I'm in your neighborhood too talk to me quit acting like an a****** on f****** YouTube because you're just like the rest of us you know f****** different you know better you just got lucky And that goes for all your Hollywood stars because most of you are Mama and Daddy boys and girls
hobiegary (1 year ago)
I love the "Live chat replay is on." Please keep this feature for all upcoming YouTube casts if posssible!
Neal Weeks (1 year ago)
Try Bee Propolis for your cough.
Rob Is (1 year ago)
....AR works best with the round its intended to cycle.....300 Blackout? Of course point of 5.56 rd was to carry more ammo. vs 7.62 M-14.
Mickey3Gun (1 year ago)
Your comments on "practicing at home in your garage with you weapon and flashlight", please add the phrase unloaded weapon. Some may not know, or always practice, the 4 main safety rules. Sometimes we take it for granted that everbody knows how to be safe. Just a suggestion. Rock on Suits!
jerry (1 year ago)
Mark Kelly is an idiot.
jerry (1 year ago)
If you are allowing lies to be broadcast on your station, then your license should be cancelled.
moses strathern (1 year ago)
Can you expand on the shotgun long barrel vs handgun with 410 capabilities....the long barrel being more cumbersome when getting out of bed? The handgun being more mobile? and how does one hold the flashlight while wielding a long barrel shotgun? and barrel cut a shotgun for ease of access and movement? one more question if you will, the necessity of learning how to shoot single handed with the left hand? pls adv thks
E. Talbot (1 year ago)
I listen to Bryan while playing my vidya games on the Personal Computer. I alt tab out to see his expression when I need to.
Rob Is (1 year ago)
Firearm facts....Dem Kevin de León should have talked to illegal gun trafficker Dem Cal Assemblyperson Leland Yee!!!!.....Mr.Yee will be out of Fed prison July 31, 2020.
Rob Is (1 year ago)
The deadliest school massacre in US history was in 1927.....How can that be you may ask? The evil anti-student AR-15 wasnt invented till the late 1950s......1927 Bath School disaster which killed 38 elementary school children and six adults and injured at least 58 other people. DOH!!

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