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Many Belles Down | YAK FILMS | Oakland-based clothing brand for women meets TURF dancing

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http://manybellesdown.com/campaign/index.html SONG: B'zwax - Many Belles Download Link: http://bzwax.bandcamp.com/track/many-belles-single http://www.YAKFILMS.com
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Djratfuki (7 years ago)
Learn how to turf=girls on ur jock!
Charli Fortin (7 years ago)
I reaaly need this song frmo b'zwax wats the tittle or where can i find it PLEAASSE!
kevbadu (7 years ago)
nice stuff
Matthew James Fullen (7 years ago)
I like the chemistry of the first couple the most, for whatever reason people like chemistry, I suppose. I like the interactions of the first and fourth couple because they seem the most classic type of interactions. The second and third feel a bit forced. I felt like my eyes wanted to linger a bit longer/have slightly longer shots and be a little less choppy on the first and fourth couples. Music was fantastic. Hopefully this helps.
Bangdollatang (7 years ago)
Ish Is HAWD!!!! Props!!!
TheDiwanShantwain (8 years ago)
1:37 ---does any one else feel nervous walking next to the wine aisle in fear of knocking over a bottle?

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