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Women Wear Mom Jeans For A Week • Ladylike

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I’m “momming” out right now and it’s insane. Follow all your BuzzFeed favorites in one app! Get the BuzzFeed Video app here: http://video.bzfd.it/jVwh/0sP9ew5bcr Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Line of Battle Licensed via Audio Network Tough It Out Licensed via Audio Network Ray of Sunshine Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Friendly Street Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks.  (https://www.Audioblocks.com) Made by BFMP www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam + Laura Siladke @Laurabear www.SHOP-COAST.com STILLS American film actress Meg Ryan poses for photograph KAZUHIRO NOGI / Getty Images GET MORE BUZZFEED www.buzzfeed.com/videoteam www.facebook.com/buzzfeedvideo www.instagram.com/buzzfeedvideo www.buzzfeed.com/video www.youtube.com/buzzfeedvideo www.youtube.com/buzzfeedyellow www.youtube.com/buzzfeedblue www.youtube.com/buzzfeedviolet BUZZFEED YELLOW More fun, inspiring, interesting videos from the BuzzFeed crew. New videos posted daily! Subscribe for more BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow
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Text Comments (4942)
Ayla Halim (10 hours ago)
Mom jeans are a thing now😂
SnowFox 2074 (3 days ago)
“I literally googled ‘How to pants.’ So that’s how this day is going”
floofy boi (4 days ago)
Little did they know...
Depressed & Stressed (9 days ago)
Kristin is so annoying my god
Russo Italiano (11 days ago)
I actually love mom/boyfriend style jeans the most, so nice looking and comfortable
Annie Bluewolf (16 days ago)
How to pants.
Vitória Bauermann (18 days ago)
"Mom jeans are made for penises. That's what we learned." lmao
Eleventh Peep (18 days ago)
It's always a bit odd for me to see a skinny or average size mom because my mother is plus size and most of her sisters are a bit bigger as well so I'm not use to it because of how I grew up. I always expect my friends mothers to be bigger but they rarely are XD but you guys looked great in them
Basically dead (25 days ago)
Freddy: I liked it Saf: this is good Chantel: I like it too Kristen: *need help ;-;*
knots nchains (26 days ago)
mom jeans are made for the ladies that have the mom sag, and more lower belly issues.. the belly gets covered
Paige Ellis (29 days ago)
Ahhhh baby Saf!!!!😂🤷🏽‍♀️💗
jealousharibo (1 month ago)
And in Europe young girls (regardless of the age , from 12 to 26) wear mom jeans and it's fashionable.
Comet Kitty (1 month ago)
Everyone SLAYEDDD this challenge
kelsey🍯 (1 month ago)
I realllly want mom jeans now
faggot (1 month ago)
*only true vintagers will know how to style mom jeans*
Summer Stonehouse (1 month ago)
2018: who are you if you don’t wear mom jeans
Elle Salsano (1 month ago)
Every video with Kristin in it ‘I don’t really wear pants’
Evie Sherman (1 month ago)
Eleanor (1 month ago)
“how to pants” i’m living for that
Bangtnz 2006 (1 month ago)
I👏🏻LOVE👏🏻*MUM*👏🏻JEANS (I’m British come at me)
Issie T (1 month ago)
And now in 2018 mom jeans are a thing
Kaitlyn St. Pierre (1 month ago)
I have a pair and it makes my legs look small and they’re comfy along with the fact it makes my butt look nice lol, I love the pockets! Mine are black and ripped from American eagle
Kaitlyn St. Pierre (1 month ago)
Ok I love mom jeans and boyfriend jeans! I wear high rise ones and they’re tight on the butt and loose on the leggg
Kayla Carpenetti (1 month ago)
"I like him, he's a good egg!" -Saf and Freddie, 2k16
Stubble Jung (1 month ago)
Mom jeans are in style now. Lol
jaclyn camacho (1 month ago)
Safiyas channel is bomb.
Laura Rabbitts (1 month ago)
Mom jeans are gross lol
uli weber (1 month ago)
Some of these aren't even momjeans lmao
tøxic mønster (1 month ago)
I love mom jeans
Ella Sofiya (1 month ago)
I have thick thighs so when i try mom jeans they are usually tight around the thighs and loose at the calves, so i've yet to fine a pair that fits my body type lol
Laura Swihart (1 month ago)
I'm like you Kristin, I'm not big on pants. I love comfort!😊
Alice Le Gurun (1 month ago)
Freddie: I was comfy in the plane slept very well , I love it Kristen: I just googled “how to pants”
Molly Roecker (1 month ago)
this was ahead of its time
Siena B (1 month ago)
lol it’s the happy music and everyone is all happy and then Kristen is just like “I just google how to pants” 😂
Hannah Hernandez (1 month ago)
Oh no Kristen...
Harry's unicorn (1 month ago)
Thor Odinson (1 month ago)
they’re all acting like it’s a crazy thing there my favorite pants to where and i’m 15
Sophia Roth (2 months ago)
I'm watching this in 2018 and it's a huge trend now omg
Geraldine Garces (2 months ago)
Now mom jeans are a thing
Kayla marie (2 months ago)
Gotta love the guy at the end though 😂😂
Kaitlynn • (2 months ago)
Freddie: I loved how easy it was to style the mom jeans Kristin: **ptsd**
I like the mom jeans that are aesthetic ♥️
olivine92 (2 months ago)
Just googled " how to pants" <3 Kristen
Julie (2 months ago)
One of he girls had her belt above her pants which bothered lmao
Estelle (2 months ago)
I have the Levi mom jeans
Shiromi Karthigesu (2 months ago)
I am..... So late
Faith S (2 months ago)
*how to pants*
Malia Rousseau (2 months ago)
I’m 13 and I dress like that so I’m confused 💀😭
stanky cooch (2 months ago)
where did freddie get her shirt at the end of the video
Panic! At The School (2 months ago)
i saw Saf on the thumbnail and i’m here:)
Sophie Linfitt (2 months ago)
laura looks like brittany snow
Stranger Person (2 months ago)
I have mom jeans :/ and I didn’t know that they were mom jeans before this video 😂
Why does Kristin complain in every video
R T (2 months ago)
well this video aged poorly
Jaden Collins (2 months ago)
They just look like regular pangs to me 😂
Unpopular opinion (2 months ago)
*how to pants*
Fiona Simi (2 months ago)
My mom actually does wear mom jeans but they don't really fit either of us well because we actually have thighs.
Hieresu Pēji (2 months ago)
I loved Fred’s day six outfit
White Queen (2 months ago)
I bought some jeans they’re mom jeans style but tight on my bum which is great! However they are really tight on my front bum, it feels like the denim is really uncomfortable! What can I do? Do I need to somehow stretch them out or wash them?
*im depressed* forever (2 months ago)
anne l (2 months ago)
*nOoOoOoOo dOnt gO tO kOhLs fOr jEaNs ! go to thrift stores ! you can find bANGIN’ mom jeans for like 5$*
Tania Pleitez (2 months ago)
3:39 She looks so cute
J Meee (2 months ago)
Having grown up in the 80s, no thanks! Lol
Melissa Reimer (2 months ago)
I don't understand the difference between mom jeans and normal high waisted jeans that are not that tight
melancholy_melon _ (2 months ago)
Here we are two years later and now it's cool
Julia blank (2 months ago)
I like mom jeans. Aloootttt
Anime Potatoe:/ (2 months ago)
2:35 I have googled “how to life”
assphat (2 months ago)
i’m 14 and i’m obsessed with mom jeans
Savy B (2 months ago)
I love vintage mom jeans but not really the soccer mom mom jeans
Don't worry, it's awful! (2 months ago)
,,how to pants" has me dying LMFAOO
Sean SJ (2 months ago)
Loose pants are comfortable, was that surprising?
Fangirl 123 (2 months ago)
mom jeans are so pretty tho
maddie starratt (2 months ago)
Freddie looked so cute in themmmm
Sarah S (2 months ago)
Sick of kristin
eliz_medriz13 (3 months ago)
ok i love high waisted jeans, but i dont rlly like mom jeans, but idk what exactly makes them different...help?
arabella (3 months ago)
kristin doesnt have a body for mom jeans thats why she didnt knew how to style them
Lindsay Carvalho (3 months ago)
I only fit in mom jeans. And I look good.
Bratz Ri (3 months ago)
That girl did not look like she was from the 90s girl bye sis down 🙄🙄
daisy (3 months ago)
and now everyone is wearing them
Yaddle Ya Paddle (3 months ago)
they dress like teenagers
Nawal Hana (3 months ago)
and now mom jeans are a thing.
yongbky (3 months ago)
mom jeans are so cute
A Limonada (3 months ago)
Mom jeans are the best and most flattering type of jeans. Actual vintage mom jeans are the best thoe
yaInT (3 months ago)
The only pants that I wear are leggings.... I HATE jeans😑😐
Blah Blah (3 months ago)
i want freddy's body
Rocklyn 101 (3 months ago)
Why is this a video idea . Many people wear mum jeans THAT ARE NOT MOMS
Nia B. (3 months ago)
Mom jeans & granny panties are life lol they look terrible but are very comfortable!
Sage (3 months ago)
Saf - "I wish they were black." 😂😂 I LOVE HER!
Steph Beauty Artistry (3 months ago)
Mom pants aren’t usually stretchy Love the ones with the rips on them They fit nice but big on my waist 😩 so I have to stitch my mom jeans on the waist
Rachael Hymowitz (3 months ago)
Lmao it’s 2018 and everyone where’s Mom jeans
Anya Dolson (4 months ago)
Good for you Kristen finding your love of pants!
jasmine and rosie (4 months ago)
Freddie and saf look so good in mom jeans?!?!
k cushing (4 months ago)
im watching this in 2018 and now everyone is wearing mom jeans wat
zelarellano1012 (4 months ago)
can you a thrift video, and buy an outfit from there.
Livvy (4 months ago)
my mother wears leggings and has every scarf imaginable. just like Saf!
Neve Woods (4 months ago)
How to jeans... ...Me everyday
Idil Akpinar (4 months ago)
i love mom jeans! i usually to pair it with form-fitting tops or oversized tuck-in tshirts. funny thing is i'm 13 lol and the ones i own are not comfortable at all but they still look really good :)
Lorelei Keasler (4 months ago)
I always wear mom jeans.....
Vivian Courtney (4 months ago)
If I had a dollar for every time Kristen discovers pants...
Joshua chandler (4 months ago)
I wonder what Kristen hates more mom jeans or spoons

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