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Text Comments (106)
jennizerr (3 months ago)
came to watch the crimson tint vid, found out that you’re making the hoodies! yesss, can’t wait! #collectivekoreans
Jeyaram lol (2 months ago)
@Hes Kicks hey I was wondering if you could do a vidoe on shadow 1s vs crimson tint or which one you would pick I deciding between those two the price of shadow has risen up the last couple of weeks
Hes Kicks (3 months ago)
yesssss haha finally got em in! and I got the dye for yours this week also so hopefully i can make soon!
levy soares (1 month ago)
CRIMSON TINT is true to size?
Iyi Bam (2 months ago)
Were these available in children’s size ?
Eddy Munoz (2 months ago)
I love these sneakers..🔥🔥🔥
Eddy Munoz (2 months ago)
I love these sneakers..
SneakerHead 3O4 (2 months ago)
I love my Crimsons
Bin Wahli (2 months ago)
My Dick In A Box (2 months ago)
think it's because mass production and the leather quality, so no one felt it when it released
cartel937 (2 months ago)
quality is pretty much the same as the other og retro 1s. all the the quality for og retro 1s are the same
S Chochotte (2 months ago)
Smh I just realized I didn't subscribe my bad playa
Random New Yorker (2 months ago)
I think you should hydro dip the mid sole/sole and do like a tie dye on the upper, that would be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
poeticalvision (2 months ago)
They didn't brick at all, its like all the recent Jordan 1 release Nike just makes way too many big sizes. They are already trending up on resale in most normal sizes, faster than the Turbo Greens. You wanna talk bricks its those Phantoms, and maybe even the Defiant Coutures.
MeSaDrums (3 months ago)
Jordan keeps releasing a new AJ1 every month, people are gonna get fatigue, especially if it’s an Ok pair. Those Gym reds are gonna sell out in June and same with those 1985 OG’s
The awdz ツ (3 months ago)
Paint em like breds
TheHuskyGT (3 months ago)
They are cool, but I copped the Hyper Crimson (neutral gray) instead. They just stand out a lot better. I really hate the tumble leather though. A lot of AJ's are coming out with it. What strikes me the most is the smell it has.
Eric E (3 months ago)
I agree with you on the Tinker 3’s, one of my favorite recent pick ups
Ray Jaro (3 months ago)
this is a shoe that I feel in a few years will increase in price heavily on the resale market.
Jonathan Kulesa (3 months ago)
Them pastel pink 1's were only meant to be worn on Easter Sunday...
Talks With TJ (3 months ago)
Copped...thankfully for $120 GS pricing. For those who truly love that color because I do (Crimston Tint/light coral) it works with lower resale prices. But yes oversaturation with so many releases daily...not weekly...daily.
Lynx (3 months ago)
I got the GS version of the Crimson from StockX yesterday, what’s the difference between the regular and GS?
Sinuhe Uribe (2 months ago)
Lynx grade school
Joey Simon (3 months ago)
I really hope Jordan brand doesn't start spamming us with unnecessary colorways with crappy leather. it seems like they're really taking advantage of the Jordan 1 hype, and while they were initially doing it very well, they could have done better on these. I personally think that these should have been more limited and use better leather, because I can't see too many people wearing these unless they really like them, and if they're limited of course they should have good materials. also, how do blazers fit? I want to cop a pair but I've never tried them on and I can't find them in any stores.
Tolerable Videos (3 months ago)
No resale is good for me, pink is my favorite color and I love this colorway. It’s super neutral and wearable. I went to the Nike outlet near me while wearing them, and got lots of compliments from the employees and a few customers.
J_ PARKER (3 months ago)
5/4/19 is the reason why lol
vash elray (3 months ago)
@heskicks #heskicks Plz Do the Give Away on Easter I gave up Social Media for Lent
JojoDigitalArtist (3 months ago)
I think SOME of the hype was that they labeled these as black/pink which is the same name of a kpop group and for a tiny bit some people related the two and thought they had something to do with each other Key thing though that's some of the hype I'm attributing to this not all of it
robert mccormick (3 months ago)
I like them except for how the black leathers texture looks
robert mccormick (3 months ago)
Nice pickups 👍
Antonio Vita (3 months ago)
Follow you from Italy....put some code also for Europe... Nike code does not work, for example.. air 97 is not 100 usd but 127euro... soo sad save20 does not work. Thanks your channel is Great
Ben (3 months ago)
Give it 4 months for the resale price to go up. Let the panic sellers dump their inventory on GOAT/StockX and we'll then see the true value
Emmanuel Fuentes (2 months ago)
@Joey Simon just cop these aj1 & I still got concords lol
Joey Simon (3 months ago)
Ben exactly, this happens with so many GR sneakers. look at the black cement 3s or Concord 11s from last year, they were both initially selling for pretty close to retail but they have now gone up a lot and will probably keep going.
birdy808 (3 months ago)
Crimson tint is like a pastel color and the leather is softer than everyone says.
Calisole (3 months ago)
the dope people want them now trust1!!
ayers dycolene (3 months ago)
Looks better in your feet. This is a great shoe. I would suggest to buy a 1/2 size bigger than your usual size.…On buys9 -> com.
FLUFFYBEAST13 (3 months ago)
I think yeezy is doing that, the Clay's are kinda disgusting and I believe it was a GR, the blacks dropping in June are the more hype release
Janri Koekemoer (3 months ago)
Why don't you tie your laces ??
Nick Gardner (3 months ago)
I did cop the Crimson's, but since they aren't moving like I thought, I think I might double up!!
bpedwa1 (3 months ago)
Nick Gardner Do it!! They’re moving. Glad I was able to double up.
CJ (3 months ago)
Ugly as fuck
Leo (3 months ago)
not feeling the tumbled leather look
kwanlo944 (3 months ago)
This color is too pinkish too me, is a NO for me.
HARVESTER367 (3 months ago)
Such a nice colourway but the the tumbled leather just look weird on a 1 to me
dtrejo 91 (3 months ago)
Copped crimson tint and returned them when I got them in person. Nope. Hard pass.
Ward Cober (3 months ago)
Jordan 1’s are mostly just a good hold. I’d say they go up in value
CCSconnor (3 months ago)
I love those blazers probably gonna have to buy if I can't afford the sacai ones
Longlivethesole (3 months ago)
Not trying to be disrespectful but this man is literally a hoarder but with sneakers
khoa (2 months ago)
Christian Robles oh man, you should see other sneakerheads
VideoReborn (3 months ago)
This Jordan crimson looks so pinkish feminism.
conor13640 (3 months ago)
got 2 pairs of crimson tints. so fire
VideoReborn (3 months ago)
I would love the Tinker Hatfield. Already following your Instagram. TH Interchangeable swoosh is the best thing ever.
Chase Moreau (3 months ago)
Such a GREAT spirit, homey...
Kodiak Cleveland (3 months ago)
Sometimes I wish I had Instagram, just because of all the giveaways people do Buuuuut, I gotta stick to my guns haha
shatman1982 (3 months ago)
I like those crimson 1s but its one of those shoes that if i got a deal on it then im in but for 160 nah. 99 im in
Nicholas Spinarelli (3 months ago)
Not throwing shade at the shoe or anything, but I’m getting tired of the tumbled/ pebbled leather on the AJ1. The last 18 months of releases makes me appreciate my top 3’s all the more.
Timothy Brown (3 months ago)
The crimson tint and black blazers were my first SNKRS app purchase.
loganjbaez (3 months ago)
I'm subscribed since the beginning. I remember the video when you said if you want me to subscribe to your channel let me know in the comments. I past on that opportunity cause I rather have want to support me like I support you. Now if you ask I will want you as a sub. I feel like I've grown as individual. Keep dropping videos don't ever stop.
Gia 28 (3 months ago)
80% of viewers are not subscribers?🤔 Subscribe to this guy! Dope content!
Clu3minati (3 months ago)
Crimsons are awesome. Sold better than the og xiv cherrys
Switch Gang (3 months ago)
mizmo21 boy you crazy!!!
Kileawesome (3 months ago)
Where do I enter into the tinker 3 giveaway?
Kileawesome (3 months ago)
Hes Kicks 👍
Hes Kicks (3 months ago)
Kileawesome I’ll be posting something on Instagram for that probably tomorrow
Tyler Hartman (3 months ago)
Drop the Tinker giveaway and the ASICS giveaway in a video with the Dip-Dye hoodies...that’d be sick.
daftpunklover99 (3 months ago)
I went for the susans skipped the 1s
Badmansband (3 months ago)
A Jordan One is a Jordan One is a Jordan One. Same shit different day really.
marcxy (3 months ago)
I need another pair. the customs are sick.
Brandon Lee (3 months ago)
Need those 3s.. 9.5 my size🤗
Eric Canfield (3 months ago)
its a dope shoe. I have red laces with the red swoosh on one and have been rolling the cement swoosh with the gray laces on the other.
Wang Hua (3 months ago)
9.5 is my size!!! perfect~
Joey Simon (3 months ago)
Wang Hua 9.5 gang
Brandon Lee (3 months ago)
Dope vid as always!!
Goopie G (3 months ago)
I love em but they creased so bad already. Don’t mind creasing but that leather looks awful when it creases. 😑
bacardi80 (3 months ago)
Change the color for red to blue on the tinkers.. to match the og air max 1s
Peter x (3 months ago)
The OG pair is red...the second OG pair is blue. Get your facts straight
Anthony Levine (3 months ago)
I copped the crimson tint, i think they're dope!
real one (17 days ago)
Are they comfortable
Kenny Nguyen (27 days ago)
they are cool. People bash the quality. The actual quality is all the same. These are not high grade leather on any air jordan 1s lol. They are sneakers. They may feel lower quality, but it's really not the case. None have what would be considered high quality materials. They're for fun. Nothing more, nothing less.
bpedwa1 (3 months ago)
Anthony Levine yes they are
adritz400 (3 months ago)
Im subscribed
-chase (3 months ago)
Thats like one of my fav colors and i would just beat em up and skate in em
EmPlugEe 22 (3 months ago)
You’d have over a mil subs if that 80% would just sub. That’s crazy. Your whole channel would change once you hit that 1 mil sub count.
Raymond Watts (3 months ago)
I like the Crimson Tint AJ1.
JFK 629 (3 months ago)
Go check out meeksshoes on ig he did a sick ass custom on these they look like the rust pink 1s
6ix God (3 months ago)
i actually really wanted the crimson tints, but i heard the quality of the leather wasnt that good so i didnt buy them
bpedwa1 (3 months ago)
6ix God their sneakers from Asia. Nobody from Nike is putting that much thought into leather quality. They’re as in range with what one would expect for sneakers at their price. The color is excellent, guaranteed prices go up.
Justin Gonzalez (3 months ago)
6ix God you heard wrong
Ryan Loomis (3 months ago)
LOL, I literally just uplaoded my Crimson Tint review 5 minutes ago. LOL. How was the smell of yours, mine smelled like hella glue and stunk up my whole room.
Edgar Martinez (3 months ago)
Ryan Loomis nothing wrong with these homie. We all gotta start our collection somewhere. These are A1 in my book. Just make sure you get used to that smell. All AJ1s got that strong glue smell.
adritz400 (3 months ago)
@Ryan Loomis i hope the upcoming Breds would have soft leather like that of homage to home & banned aj1's. Which are crazy soft leather
Ryan Loomis (3 months ago)
@adritz400 I was actually thinking of getting the neutral grey hyper crimson ones next. They look like they would be more comfortable then this stiff ass leather.
adritz400 (3 months ago)
@Ryan Loomis not that great of a leather imo. But still, aj1's are still aj1's, except for the cheap nubuck ones.
Ryan Loomis (3 months ago)
@Edgar Martinez yeah these are my first pair. Please don't say they suck, because I actually like them, I love crazy colors.
Rip Aidan (3 months ago)
looking for a size 9-9.5 dm me on insta: repremecanada
Triggy McTrigger (3 months ago)
Colorway is trash
Dat lambo (3 months ago)
I copped a size 13 and that has no resell so im going to go return them
Bossworx Records (3 months ago)
Wow a lot of people are first
Bossworx Records (3 months ago)
"Ha 3 likes 1 view 🤣"
Jan Reginald Alimurung (3 months ago)
2nd like and 2nd view. Notif Gang is real!
Brandon Tran (3 months ago)
I love the vids
Brandon Tran (3 months ago)
Hi I'm first
Jay M (3 months ago)
The 42 Genders (3 months ago)

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