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Is that alright

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A sheppard/Weir video not my best but I love the song! Wallpapers at the end are not my own and do not belong to me.
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corina lovesanouk (7 years ago)
can something be more beautifull than this???
Gerri Wright Ingerson (8 years ago)
A great and moving tribute. A beautiful well done creation, love the wall paper at the end. No couple will ever have the power of SPARKY, I have to say this is a great video for the hottest sci fi couple ever, if only tptb hadn't been so stupid, what a waste just think of what could have been love your work take a bow
Elisabeth Höhl (8 years ago)
ancientesha (10 years ago)
sparky forever. the song is great and the vid is awesome. :( miss her. and i want her back... :( liz and shep were made for eachother. save weir.:X.
Alice K (10 years ago)
love this song and shep/weir they're great! I wish she'd come back!
katschi14 (11 years ago)
OMG That song is so great.Shweir forever.
Victoria Hassan-Rhymes (11 years ago)
perfect couple, i love the vid
Elisabeth Höhl (11 years ago)
I love Damien Rice and Sparky --> so it´s almost perfect, hihi :D
Thyqua (11 years ago)
great video, gonna have to check out your others...
BattlestarChick (11 years ago)
thanx I am glad you like it.

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